The 5 Crucial Tips for Loading Your Skip Bin

You’ve got a skip bin at your home for the first time. You’re ready and set to begin the removal of rubbish. But don’t just jump the gun just yet. You’ll want to use your skip bin wisely or you’ll end up wasting it. So here are five crucial tips to follow when it comes to loading your skip bin.

  • Take your time.
    There is no point in rushing to fill your skip bin. When you do, you will find that you’ve overflowed it, or that you haven’t maximised the amount of space that your skip bin has, and you’re left with plenty of rubbish, but not enough room. Take your time and see that you don’t rush the cleaning process.

  • Beware the Skip Bin Limit.
    The topline at the top of the skip bin is your limit. Try not to exceed it. You’ll either get charged more, or face the prospect that you can’t transport the bin because it’s overflowed. Keep to the limit.

  • Use your “airspace”.
    In normal terms: maximise and use every inch of space in your skip bin. Squeeze all your rubbish together, and make sure that you can fit no more into the skip bin. By maximising your space, you will find that you can get all the rubbish you want in one skip bin.

  • Break down those objects.
    Don’t let massive products (like tables, cabinets etc) or objects (like trees, plants etc) take up the whole space of your skip bin. Reduce their size by breaking them down. This will open up room for other products and objects.

  • Don’t waste it on recyclable items.
    Many local councils offer recycling services that you should utilise. Don’t waste the space of your skip bin on recyclable materials when you can use it on other items. Get into contact with your local council and ask them about it.