What exactly can go into skip bins?

As experts know all about skip bins and waste. It is part of our job. It is also part of our job to inform the people of Melbourne about all the importance regarding rubbish, waste and skip bins. One of the most asked questions we get is: what exactly can go into skip bins? Well, it is important to make sure that the right rubbish is placed into the skip bin, so it can get disposed off in the right manner. Here are some types of waste you can put into our skip bins:

  • Household Waste.
    This is different from everyday rubbish; instead it is more focused on large items, such as cabinets, cupboard, kitchen appliances and so forth. Needing the extra room, it is ideal to break them down and dispose of them in a skip bin.

  • Office Rubbish.
    Much similar to the likes of household waste, but imagine anything that you can get rid of in your office. That includes computers, desks, chairs. They are great to dispose off in skip bins.

  • Green Waste.
    From branches to grass cuttings, from trimmings to flowers. If it is in your backyard or garden, and is considered natural, then it can put in the skip bin. This is a special case of waste considering that it requires a different method of disposal (aka recycling).

  • Construction Waste.
    Concrete, bricks, plasterboards, slabs and so forth. If it used in construction and breaks down, you can throw it into a skip bin. Many companies come to us to hire our skip bin when they conduct construction projects.

  • Electronics.
    Computers, appliances, printers and so forth. One of the best ways to dispose of electronic items is to throw it into a skip bin. We will make sure it will be disposed in the right eco-friendly manner.

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